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Bratislava Culture and Information Centre (BKIS)

is a contributory organization of the Slovak capital city Bratislava, established on the 1st January 2004 (modified from previous organization). Ever since, the director has been Mr. Vladimír Grežo. Bratislava Culture and Information Centre:

  • organize all kinds of events for public (such as City ball, Christmas in the city, the biggest city culture festival: The Cultural Summer and Castle Festival Bratislava, public event when Slovakia entered European Union, Slovak Presidency of the EU Council events, openings of new streets and bridges, welcoming important guests to Bratislava (such as Queen Elizabeth II. or Dalai Lama) and many more), in 13 years we have (co)organized more than 10 000 events,
  • creates the conditions for organizing events in the fields of culture, tourism, sports and social life through offering technical, marketing, venue and production support and services to all kinds of partners,
  • informs the residents and tourists about the upcoming (culture/sports/social) events in Bratislava through paper and online media,
  • provides the decoration of the city on the special occasions,
  • organize courses for the tourist guides,
  • presents Slovak and Czech theater productions in its City theatre of P.O. Hviezdoslav, 
  • creates space for different projects and rehearsals for artists in its City theatre premises (rehearsal rooms, stage, theatre club, gallery under the theatre),
  • offers its 2 venues with full services – City theatre (including the Gallery) and exhibition and concert hall in Clarissine church, for numerous festivals and exceptional events.


The Cultural Summer and Castle Festival Bratislava

From June to September each year, the streets of the city host the biggest city festival in Slovakia - The Cultural Summer and Castle Festival Bratislava.


The aim of this multi-genre festival is to bring out the culture during the summer from the stone buildings of the culture venues closer to the residents and tourists, directly to the squares, riversides, parks and streets of Bratislava. Festival offers rich programme full of dancing, music, theatre, circus, fine arts and a lot more.

2015 was an exceptional year, as we celebrated 40th anniversary of the festival. After four decades it has become the oldest and the largest urban festival in Slovakia. Numbers from 2004 to 2014: 44 venues, 24 000 performers and 835 000 visitors.

In 2016, BKIS prepared and participated in the preparation of 350 events on more than 35 city scenes with about 2 500 performers from 32 countries and 5 continents. Festival is organized by 30 staff members and around 1000 organizers, partners and volunteers. The average festival visit rate is approximately 100 000 spectators per year.