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Bratislava Culture and Information Centre (BKIS)

is a contributory organization of the Slovak capital city Bratislava, established on the 1st January 2004 (modified from previous organization). Ever since, the director has been Mr. Vladimír Grežo. Bratislava Culture and Information Centre:

  • organize all kinds of events for public (such as City ball, Christmas in the city, the biggest city culture festival: The Cultural Summer and Castle Festival Bratislava, public event when Slovakia entered European Union, Slovak Presidency of the EU Council events, openings of new streets and bridges, welcoming important guests to Bratislava (such as Queen Elizabeth II. or Dalai Lama) and many more), in 13 years we have (co)organized more than 10 000 events,
  • creates the conditions for organizing events in the fields of culture, tourism, sports and social life through offering technical, marketing, venue and production support and services to all kinds of partners,
  • informs the residents and tourists about the upcoming (culture/sports/social) events in Bratislava through paper and online media,
  • provides the decoration of the city on the special occasions,
  • organize courses for the tourist guides,
  • presents Slovak and Czech theater productions in its City theatre of P.O. Hviezdoslav, 
  • creates space for different projects and rehearsals for artists in its City theatre premises (rehearsal rooms, stage, theatre club, gallery under the theatre),
  • offers its 2 venues with full services – City theatre (including the Gallery) and exhibition and concert hall in Clarissine church, for numerous festivals and exceptional events.


The Cultural Summer and Castle Festivities in Bratislava

The programm of the Cultural Summer and Castle Festivities in Bratislava


The Cultural Summer and Castle Festivities in Bratislava is the largest and longest city festival in Slovakia. Over the course of three months, it offers dozens of musical, dance, and theatre events. The festival was founded in 1976 and since 2004, the dramaturgy is being shaped by the Bratislava Cultural and Information Centre (BKIS).

From June to September, the streets of Bratislava are filled with great music, concerts, dance and theatre shows, as well as various workshops. The Bratislava residents and visitors can enjoy interesting programme in the town streets, parks, courtyards, at the Danube River, as well as in the individual Bratislava boroughs. The programme is divided into festival parts, regular cycles, and individual events.

The programme cycles and festivals which are part of the Cultural Summer and Castle Festivities in Bratislava are as follows:

14 Festivals

International Festival of Children Folk Ensembles – musical and dance shows of children folk ensembles.

Once Upon a Time – interactive and creative festival of fairy-tales.

International Guitar Festival of J. K. Mertz – the renowned guitar festival with a history of more than 40 years.

Bratislava Choir Festival – competition of singing choirs.

UrbanART Festival – multi-genre festival.

Summer Shakespeare Festivities – the largest and oldest theatre festival of its kind in Slovakia.

Eurovea Festival – dance evenings and concerts of various music genres at the M. R. Štefánik Square at the Eurovea shopping centre.

International Youth Music Festival – shows of children, youth and adult choirs and orchestras.

Cathedral Organ Festival – the international organ festival in the St Martin’s Dome.

Golden Age Festival – international festival of traditional early jazz of the first half of 20th century.

Convergences – international festival of chamber music.

ÚĽUV Masters Day – the largest urban festival of folk culture and crafts.

9 Programme Cycles

International Bratislava – events organised in cooperation with embassies and cultural centres of the several European countries.

Knights at the Devín Castle – historical festival with many thematic activities for children and adults.

Cultural Summer in the Summer Reading Room at the Red Cancer – talks with authors and concerts under the St Michael’s Gate.

Bratislava – Inline – Friday evenings on roller-skates on the Bratislava roads.

Travellers’ Cinema – summer movie screenings and talks with travellers.

San Marten Summer Concerts – series of concerts of various genres.

Town Theatre at the Market – Saturday programme for the children at the Old Market Hall.

Fairy-Tales at the Dome – theatre shows for children at the Rudnay Square at the St Martin’s Dome.